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Pod XTLive with power amp into 4x12 cabinet solution

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While my new Amplifi 150 is in the shop (power issues?), I took the plunge and bought a CRATE powerblock to use with my trusty Pod XTLive board - and used the Crate powerblock only as a power amp into my Fender 4x12 cabinet.  It worked like a champ.


You do need to configure the OUTPUT setting on the Line 6 Pod XT LIVE (I chose power amp, not direct) - but that's usually the case.

  • Guitar into Line 6 Pod XT Live
  • Line 6 Pod left + right outputs --> Crate Powerblock LINE IN (L&R)
  • Crate Powerblock L&R outputs ---> Cabinet  (The Fender 4x12 mustang cabinet can be configured to be stereo) 

You can see in the picture, pretty easy setup.

Note: during a live show, I always use my Boss Tuner (just used to it I guess) and I had bought the Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600 Processor pedal so I easily drop to an Eb if needed. Versatile little pedal.

(and yes, that's a Kramer 5150 replica, which I use for the fun Van Halen party tunes at the end of the night - always fun to play and usually a few guitiarists in the crowd appreciate it.)



Crate powerblock was $100 on Craigslist


I've previously used the Pod XT live into a Roland Keyboard amp (KB300) but it's very bass-y.  And it's only 1 speaker (albeit powerful).  Having a 4x12 was helpful as it filled the stage (an outside benefit show).


I spent a lot of time pondering the FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) route - but this was just as powerful, much more affordable, and flexible.  Plus, the stereo effects were nice to hear on stage.


Hope this helps someone pondering power-amps in a live situation (like me a few weeks ago).


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