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White noise in fx loop when using external pedal


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I use my Pod HD500 with my DT25 combo by using the L6 Link connectivity. It works fine, but recently I decided to add a bit more complexity to my rig by incorporating some other pedals into the signal chain. I have a C.S.E. Rasputin Fuzz, which supposed to be like a Big Muff on steroids. I tried opening a fx loop block so I could run it in front of the amp, but it creates this unbearably loud static when I turn the stompbox on. Even with the fx loop block turned off, it still makes that awful noise (while the pedal is still on). I unplugged everything and just did guitar>fuzz>amp, and I didn't get any static. I know that high-gain pedals do make a bit of noise, but it seems to amplify when I just plug it into the effects loop of the Pod. Any ideas?

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I hade the same issue on my POD Pro. I whanted to add my od/dist/fuzz pedals in front but after the wha (built in the POD Pro). Could not tame the noice. Ended with me buying a loop switcher, RMI mini gizmo, and added all my pedals via the input jack. Controll the Gizmo and the POD with my Behringer FCB1010 so i can sync the Gizmo-channel and the patch with the sound i whant. Even easy done without using an editor...


The explenation I found in a thread was that when swiching off the loop the return whas not switched off, it was still open. Meaning that your pedal noice added to the signal chain even if the pedal has no signal on the input. Stone crazy... The noice when the loop was connected/activated was strange, but just moving the pedals and Gizmo to the front eliminated the noice. No, not a ground issue, all in the same rack, just moved the cables. Same rack, same power, same cables... Never found an explenation to the last issue.


So there it is. Disadvantage - wha is after the pedals and it would have been good to swich the loop block on/off, easier. Solved this with some programing of the fcb1010, workes great now.


My own conclution is that its a bad design with the open return and that the small amount of noice generated by the loop plus pedal is amplied in the signal chain causing this problem. Earlier in the chain -> more noice. Placing the looper later as delay/reverb the signal is higher and is not aplified in the same way. I might be corrected on this but its ok as I might even get an explenation to the problem... :-)


If a question is why I use my own pedals - They sound much better, built and tweeked by me for my sound... :-)


Might not help but a small input.



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