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Hi my name is Benjamin. Recently I purchased a POD Studio UX1 and set it up all properly, authorized it and got latest drives and everything. I used it with my guitar and Pod Farm 2.5 and it was amazing. I want to record my keyboard. It is a Yamaha DGX-640. Basically I have found out to record the actual sound you have to use the two line inputs at the back of the interface. So today I went and bought a 1/4inch jack male to 2 1/4inch female jacks splitter because the keyboard only has one jack. I plugged 2 1/4inch jack cables into the splitter which was connected to my keyboard and the other ends connected to the line inputs on the UX1. I also plugged in my headphones through the direct monitoring port. Basically no program including Ableton live and audacity picked up the sound, and I couldn't hear the keyboard through direct monitoring with headphones as well, all I could hear was static... :mellow:  I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? Should I have gotten the actual cable and not the splitter or?


Please anyone help because I would absolutely LOVE to record my keyboard in HD quality.



Thanks Ben.  :)

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Is that splitter 1/4" male TRS (stereo - 3 connectors) to 2 female TS (mono) jacks?   If you plug your headphones directly into the Yamaha jack can you hear the keyboard?

Did you select the UX1 line inputs as your audio source in your DAW?

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