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pedal board options for the Helix?


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Hey guys, 


Had a bit of a look on the 'show us your Helix rigs' and so forth to see what kinda pedalboards you guys are using.. 


Any specific recommendations?  Yes, of course, it's very preferential etc, however I guess I'm kinda looking for something that the Helix can sit in, where I can just remove the lid and away I go.  The Pedal Pad boards seem decent.. anything else out there?!/PHAT-III-Hinged-Pedal-Surface-w-accessible-compartment/p/27578297/category=6472051 


With my Axe FX setup, I ended up getting a custom-built pedalboard which I want to avoid if possible, so I'm just trying to gauge what people out there recommend, as well as what they're using.. 


Cheers guys!!  



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I use tilt boards I make myself and I could not put the Helix on it as the tilt was just not workable for the expression pedal. No pics yet I just wired up my rig the other day and still have some ideas to use the mighty Helix for more routing and switching. 

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