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Possible Footswitching Bug with 2.01 and Mission Expression


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Apologies for double posting this issue but now I have new findings.


So I've been having this problem and so far the only thing that fixes it is disconnecting my Mission EP-L6 with Toe Switch Expression Pedal.

I have the latest firmware 2.01 and randomly when I try to switch to a different preset it won't switch, I have to wait like 5 seconds and then when I hit it again it will switch. I don't think it's a physical problem as all the switches seem to work, it's almost like something is still loading up and I notice the tap tempo light is solid in this "freeze" period where nothing will switch. Once the tap tempo light starts to blink then it will switch if I press on another preset. This happens when I have my Mission EP1-L6 expression pedal plugged in but when it's not plugged in there is no problem with switching presets. I tested it many times and it was consistently repeatable. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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