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Killer Customtone patches by Warrenm


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I had today off from work and the house to myself, so I spent pretty much all day jamming on my Helix; and I stumbled upon these killer patches by warrenm that were just uploaded to Customtone today! THANKS WARREN! These rock! :)


(Only thing you will need to do is load IR's into them; he doesn't use the L6cabs)


However, that leads to my next cool discovery: I loaded some Fremen IR's into the warrenm presets, and VOILA! Instant awesome.


I just spent the last hour just jamming on these four patches. Mostly the 'Deluxe Clean', which I paired with the Fremen IR #76 (Vox2). It gets all nasty and gritty on the humbucker and cleans up beautifully on the single coils. He has these quite perfectly dialed in for a strat HSS style guitar; which I've struggled to get sounding right with other patches, so it was really a sweet (free!) discovery. I am using a Fender HSS with the S1 switch, so tapping that in on the single coil pickups adds a little of the 'grit back in.. Really cool.


Anyway. I'm gonna go jam on his plexi patch now, see ya!



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This is totally unrelated; but I am having some cool sounds happen by assigning snapshots as a controller for the IR choice!

I am guessing I am late to the party in this discovery, but still = it's cool finding these little nuggets of awesome with Helix!


Seems to switch really well; much better use of DSP! Especially useful for patches where you want four snapshots, along the lines of 







Change cabinets (IR) with each snapshot; very cool!


I am going back into the earlier batches of Glenn's presets and storing snapshots in them. I was messing with the Santana patch and realized I could get an IR on path 2A, so I bypassed the cab and started using the Fremen IR's, and figured, why not assign the snapshots to select different IR's! So easy.


getting to the end of a very long day of playing with Helix, loading new patches, programming some, just got Glenn's artists presets vol.II this morning so having major fun with those!


slowly (begrudgingly) turning down the volume; it's after 10 now. I'm in the basement, and the sound doesn't really escape; carpeted / finished basement; but, I am using a pair of L3m as the monitors, and they sound really nice cranked up with Helix! I had it rocking down here around 3:30 this afternoon.


cheers ya'all

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I am beginning to think that quality IRs affect the sound of patches as much or more than the actual amp models.


Yeah; the IR choice is critical; and really does 'shape' the sound. I find the guitar choice makes a noticeable difference, but on well dialed in patches, it doesn't become a make or break - no longer works with this guitar but sounds great with that one kind of thing - only, a patch more attuned to the pairing makes the playing feel better as much as sound better.


IR's are a powerful tool! 


I just realized you can assign the IR choice, in effect the cabinet choice, to the snapshots.

(You can't change the L6 cab choice with snapshots, only parameters.)


That's a total rabbit hole! Being able to change up cabinets by toggling IR's. Seems to be an effective way to do this; the IR that is on stays on until the IR being loaded has loaded; so you don't get much whoosh or dropout as you can if you are trying to change between very overdriven / lead tones to totally clean, different amp, etc.

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Glad they are working out nicely! I've uploaded a Dual amp patch that switches between the Deluxe and Plexi, and a battery of stomps to play with.


My gigging pedalboard has a Vemuram Jan Ray, a Maxon SD9, Arion SCH-1 and Drybell Vibe as staples, into a Suhr Bella, Rockitt Retro Plexi clone or Custom Audio OD-100 Classic Plus. I've been working on recreating some of these sounds with the Helix, which should explain some of my choices.


I had a POD XT Pro more than 10 years back, and my favourite high gain sound was the Soldano SLO100. It's cool that Line 6 has now modelled the crunch side of the amp, so you can set it to the point of breakup and then hit it with boosts/overdrives. The Soldano patch I made does exactly this.


I'm using a legacy Ownhammer impulse that my brother sent me ages back. If anyone wants to check it out with these patches, email me at blackstratblues at gmail.

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Absolutely, an IR is at least half of the sound


Check how close the sounds of free different modellers are with similar IRs (although I tweaked those I use in the Amplifire and Helix to add some thickness, which the Axe has more of) :


Of course, the differences are much more apparent when you play, and for the listener, when you bypass the backing track and listen to the guitars only

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I am beginning to think that quality IRs affect the sound of patches as much or more than the actual amp models.


Ding Ding Ding !!!!  We have a winner.   I have been playing with Glenn's,. Fremen's and Scott's presets now for just a couple of days to see what all this IR hubub is about...  It's about EVERYTHING !!!!


Seriously...  When auditioning, play with turning the IR blocks on and off.    You will be amazed at the dramatic affect they have on the Presets, and even compared to the stock cabs.


I don't think it's a "quality" issue with the stock cabs as they are likely designed a bit Vanilla to be able to do "everything" pretty well where as the Fremen cabs as example are optimized for the Presets they are attached too.


And for the other newbies to IR's like myself (although I've used them to model room ambiance in the studio) not all IR's are used the same way.

  • Glenn's presets use IR's for tone matching as his presets are geared toward artists classic tones as they were recorded.
  • Scott's presets use mostly Sigma IR's now as most of his presets are geared toward genre' of music and styles.
  • Fremen's presets seem to be geared toward getting the classic tone out of classic amps.

The stock cabs are a good baseline. Great for experimenting to see what type of cab seems to go best with whatever preset you are using for whatever genre.  Experimenting with Mic placement and such, can't be beat.   But once you dial it in...  It's amazing how much fuller it can sound when you fly in an IR cab that is similar to the stock cab but created (recorded) specifically for the configuration.    And I guess that's the difference...  The Helix as example "simulates" what an sm57, on axis, 6" off the speaker sounds like as opposed to an IR that was recorded with an SM57, on axis, 6" off the speaker.  


I came to the IR party late...   but I'm hooked now.   

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Glad they are working out nicely! I've uploaded a Dual amp patch that switches between the Deluxe and Plexi, and a battery of stomps to play with.



cheering-clapping-smiley-emoticon.gifHurricane of applause, warrenm!!cheering-clapping-smiley-emoticon.gif


Played your patches with different IRs -

they sound fxxx!ng great.

Great combination of Efx and good ideas for blending delays & distortion etc.

Thank you so much.

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