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Missing Scroll Bars in Helix Editor App


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I’ve had this problem of missing scrollbars with the Helix application program since day 1, and I’d like to ask if anyone has a solution, or maybe I'm overlooking something obvious.


How do I get the scroll bars to show up and stay showing?  In the preset window it only shows up briefly when I down arrow passed the bottom preset and then quickly disappears - before I can get to it!  In the editor window it will not show at all – so I can only get at the first 3 effect parameters­­­­­.  Everything under that is hidden and I can’t find a way to get at them to adjust. 


I run the editor app from a Win7 PC in my studio and a Win10 laptop – same problem on both.  I'm attaching a screen shot.






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I checked the links out.  Not a graphics setting problem on my Win 10 laptop - tried turning inactive scroll on/off - no difference.  They're just not there, except briefly on the preset list.  


Actually my Win 7 studio PC shows the scroll bars just fine (should have double checked before posting).  Any other suggestions please post...

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