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Is there an update to Amplifi Firmware?


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The email I received this morning (UK) advising me of the updated IOS Amplifi Remote App (2.6) also referred to new Firmware, but I cannot find any other reference to an update beyond 2.50.2.





The article by Line6Will is misleading! It says you need the newest firmware to use the newest remote app software, 2.60. Most of us already have the newest firmware, 2.50.2. But there is no newer firmware or update to 2.50.2. If you have that you can download the update to the remote app.


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Hi Jim


Thanks for the extra info.  I received an email announcing the updated app that contained...


  • Play along with studio-quality jam tracks recorded by real musicians
  • Improve your chops jamming with a variety of genres and styles
  • Access custom tones for each jam track genre
  • Enhance your playing experience with new AMPLIFi firmware  

and as I'm easily confused, I went looking  :)


I'll stop now!



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