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Is this a good choice?


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Yes... Well it should be anyways. Many aren't truly flat. If you can get your hands on a measurement mic and smaart analysis (I use what is built into my mixer) you could run pink noise so you could see the frequency response of the speaker and then compensate with a PEQ. Then just copy those eq settings into a PEQ block at the end of the chain in your patches. I wouldn't use the global eq dor this because you would want to save that for different rooms.


I am a little new to some of this myself as I have only had these tools for a short time now.


I don't know much about the srm550 and am not sure if you already made the purchase, but just to toss it out there: I am playing through the JBL PRX715s as my PA speakers and they sound great. They have also been on sale as I believe jbl is going to discontinue them for a new line of speakers (so I was told by a Sweetwater rep). You could grab those for around 500-600 right now and at that price they are definitely a bargain given the quality of aound and build you'll get vs mackie... Again I know little about the srm550 but I do know if the choise is between a higher end (consumer market) jbl speaker and a mackie the jbls will generally out perform the mackies... They seem to have been cheaping out lately which gets me a bit nervous with their gear, they're almost going the way of behringer.


Anyway... I am sure it isn't a bad speaker either. I know a couple people with some bargain mackie speakers and they dont sound bad at all.


So if you can give the pinknoise, rta, smaart, measurement mic thing a shot and see what ya get!

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