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Tone Port UX8 - Any kind of help.. PLEASE!!!

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Hi, I'm from Brazil and here, we don't have many Technical Assistance for LINE 6, the most part of them, they just work on change simple parts, boards, dust cleaning etc.. They don't use to fix advanced problems, in these cases, they just tell the costumers: -Your equipment is permanently dead!! I have a TONE PORT UX8 and it stop to working. So I sent it to a Technical Assistence, but I'm affraid they take off some components.. I have some knowledge in Eletronic and could fix it myself, but I can't find any information about this equipment (Schematics diagrams etc..). I'd like to ask you all, about any information, main boards picture, tips, if there are components on the main boards positions: U13, 14, 15 and 16 and what's witch one.. U35 and 36..


Thank you all for any help!!

Sorry for my BAD ENGLISH, I hope you can read well!!





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That's normal. Those spots are empty, nothing goes there. That's okay.

Thank you so much!! For now, this information is gonna be very usefull!! I'll keep looking for other technical information, because I really decide to repair it myself!! Thak you so much!!

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Are two LED's going back and forth?

Are you using Gearbox?

UX8 is the interface, Gearbox is the application to use, to run the UX8.

No, man.. It's really dead.. Do nothing.. PC do not reconize it.. Power button make no changes, no LED's, no sounds IN or OUT.. The only thing I figure out is, when I conect my ear phone and turn up the volume, I can hear some white noise, even if the power button is off.. But, nothing more works.. I checked out all voltages in wich one check points and all of those are ok!! There is only one that came from an IC close to the Chopper, that is wrhit +48V, but I'm I get in digital Multimeter 4.8V.. I'm not shure if was a silkscreen error or tha's the "eye of the storm"?? kkkk..


Thank you man!!!

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Did you have a mic plugged in?

What brand and model was it?

Did you use the +48V phantom power for the mic?

Yes, I plugged 2 kind of MIC, both are working Ok.. (I have a MIXER and both working good). First one was a Simple Dynamic Leson SM58 without 48V, the second one, was a Condenser AudioTechnica Phantom Powered.. None of them make any diference.. The interface still dead.. No LED's, no V.U. activity, no USB detection, no sounds IN ou OUT..


That's all for the moment!!

Thank you very much!!

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Then the 48V line may be okay, the power line to the processor may have failed, 

or the line coming from the supply out to the IC chips may have failed.

I believe (I hope so) some other eletronic part from the power supply has damaged when there was a power cut.. I'm just looking for some other component that could be damaged.. I hope, the processor is fine!!

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There is a Line 6 authorized service center

Habro Comercio, Importacao, in Sao Paulo.

They could do a thorough troubleshooting the problem.

I know!! I sent it to an autorized some time ago, but, unfortunatly, 10 months has passed and the only thing they said is they din't have the part available in Brazil.

Another point is.. The most part of people in Brazil, don't trust in this kind of service, because they don't really care about fix and/or serv the client.. Most part of them, are just worry about profits doing the easiest job.. (Change boards, cleaning dust etc..).. Here in Brazil used to be very risky, to send any equipment to various service places.. When the client don't agree with them prices for exemple, they used to changed parts, sometimes take off some parts or even permanently damage.. If they do this, I'll never gonna know, but, I spent a lot of money to buy this interface and I refuse to lost it in this way!! I hope you understand!! And thank you for your help!!

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