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Hd500 effects loop broke


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So after several years I finally bought a new amp with an effects loop so I was exited to conect my pod 4 cable method and man the sound was amazing but it only lasted 20 or so days las Sunday at worship service the amp started having volume fluctuations and finally a volume drop I thought it was the amp after testing the amps effects loop with a delay pedal through the amps effects loop I was able to rule out the amp being broken so that leaves me with the pod, I tested again today and still not working

My oxides effects loop broke.

So my question has anyone encountered this issue before? Is it expensive to get it repaired?

Is it worth it to repair my pod? Or should I put that money towards a new one?


What's the nearest service center in the southwestern part of the US? I'm close to Phoenix AZ or

San Diego CA

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Its tough over a forum to diagnose some things. You double checked all the FX loop settings (and turned the loop on in the patch right?) and all the cables? HD 1/4" out to the loop in of the amp works?


Back up your tones just in case.


A few options if it is the HD:


Reflash it and hope for the best.


With the 4CM all connected strum the guitar and gently wiggle the 1/4" cables at the HD - if it is a solder joint sometimes the wiggle will cause the fracture to connect  and sound will spew forth. Though TBH I haven't heard too many HDs having this issue.


Go up top click on Support and follow it through with a Support Ticket to Line 6 (those smart fellas probably have seen every HD problem and can steer you through the easy things).


or try an Authorized Service Center. Who knows what the $$$ will be - a jack should be cheap and mobo probably a lot more.


Push comes to shove if the HD still works fine through the normal 1/4" out it has value.


Its up to you to weigh your $$.

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