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XD-V and G90 Antennas

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I'm not sure if this has already been asked and I apologize ahead of time if so..


I am designing a rack that would house (2) G90 guitar wireless and (1) XD-V 75.


I know I can daisy chained the antennas from the 2 G90 units, but can I add additional BNC jumper cables for the XD-V to avoid having multiple antennas in the rack?

And, if so, would the reverse be true also? XD-V jumped into the 2 G90's??


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They work on the exact same frequencies and protocols (you can make your guitar transmitter go through the XD-V 75 and Mic go through the G90 if you really wanted).  I chain a G50 through my XD-V 75 on a fairly regular basis without issue.


In short, you should have no problems doing so.


I would have one of your G90's be the primary (the one the antennas are connected to) as they are probably a hair stronger.

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