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4CM - overloading amp?


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Hi guys,


This has happened a few times now - hoping you can help!


I've been using various patches for a couple of months now - however, sometimes when I go back to a previous patch, the amp sounds as though it's clipping and 'quacking' on the low frequency notes.


I've had to then copy a patch it doesn't happen on, and it's fine.


Using S/R block with send at -5dB. Don't use the main volume knob.


Really confused - it's affected all my patches today after using an emulated amp and cab for practice last night into a pair of monitors.


Anyone encountered this or know how to eliminate it??



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Yeah, seems to be if I go back to a patch I haven't used for a while, it happens. Not all the time, but today I've had to re-do my main patch due to it - like I said, all I did last night was try using an amp and cab model to go through my studio monitors.


When I today then plugged the Helix back into my amp via 4cm, it had this weird effect.


However, if I re-create the same patch from scratch, it's ok.....


Using a Les Paul with Bare Knuckle Crawlers, into a Relay G70, then into the Helix.

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I guess I would have known you were using 4 cable method if I had payed more attention to the thread title.


You might try playing with the guitar input pad.  Also, have you tried going turning each of the blocks off and on to try to isolate the problem?

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Er, think I might have found the issue... I really don't know how it happened, but the 'normal' patches that I was using had a split in them for the pre-amp send etc. Turns out the weird sound was the 'dry' sound from one of the splits coming back to the mixer. If I changed the channel A volume right down, it went away.


So, I've now re-built everything (again!) using the methods shown in the manual, and seems to be working much better!

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