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Getting some fizz plugging mic into helix??


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Short version: I am getting fizz running my mic into helix and out to PA. Trying to figure out what might be wrong..


I have 2 bands, 1 acoustic, 1 electric. I have incorporated the helix into both, and it works flawless in my acoustic project where both guitar and mics run into helix and then out to a Fishman loud box performer amp.


Not working well in electric setup. Here I run guitar into guitar in, mic into effect return 4, and guitar out via 1/4 inch output to amp, and mic out XLR to PA. The mic is fuzziness. I've heard worse, but it's bad, and I can't puzzle it out.


I am using similar connections with acoustic project, just different end points. When I run the mic direct into PA all is well.


Any help appreciated.

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I wind up typically using the mic pre to send to a godin acoustic guitar which I am currently using for one song only in the band I play electric guitar in.  I use the xlr to mooch phantom power. 


But, you raise a good point, and maybe that is all I need to do.  It's just one song for now, so it might make sense to sub the acoustic out of the equation, and use the xlr for vocals in this other configuration, especially if that actually fixes this other problem.  I'll give that a shot and let you all know, though I am heading out of town for about a week and a half, and won't have a chance to try this until I get back..



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