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Sweetwater 36month financing; today till Sept.6


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Not like this helps with the G.A.S., but I just saw that Sweetwater is running a short term 36 month financing window, now till Sept.6th...


Which does apply to things like Helix demo units...

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Jump on it, boys and girls!


Yeah, G.A.S. got the better of me.. I resisted the urge yesterday when it was the end of the 24month financing; checked it again today, and DANG they are doing 36 month, and limited time. That $*%& works every friggin' time.


On the plus side, I'll have a Friedman Runt 50 combo in my hands tomorrow, so I've got that goin' for me, which is nice :)




Gunga Lagunga!


p.s. On a totally unrelated note, Phish is Webcasting three days from Colorado this weekend!

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What a time we're living in. I can be irritated by a live jam band without getting off the couch! If you could get a couple of guys to sell bongs in your driveway beforehand, the experience would be complete... ;)


I watched a bunch of the free Lock'n webcast over this past weekend. Of all the bands, including Phish, I like the first day opening band the best of the bunch!

Though Sudan Tedeschi is amazing, and sounded stellar with Phil Lesh. I was hoping for some groovy Ween-Phish collaboration, but was not meant to be, other than this cool shot of Mickey playing Trey's guitar backstage.




Oh yeah - and who was the opening act for the 2016 Lock'N festival? VULFPECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good. 

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