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Need help creating a custom Djentisch bass tone!


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I am desperatly trying to create a djentisch tone in min Helix.


My ultimate goal is Nollys tone in Periphery, But I realize it will never be real.


But a more realistic sound would be


I have attached a mp3-sample of were I am today.

I think it feels hollow and boxy.

I want more punch/crunch in the distortion but all overdrive pedals are so fuzzy and waspy-like in the helix.


I dont know where to go from here.


Please help me, I am desperate.


I am very pleased with the clean signal chain. SO I think we can leave that out off this.


Distorted signal chain

Below I have posted pictures of pre-comp / pre-EQ / post-EQ.

Last EQ has only high cut at 11khz and at last there is a hard gate.


Regards / Daniel

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