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G 10 and XD-V 75

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it's possible to use the G 10 Transmitter with the XD-V 75 Receiver ?

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I responded to your other post where you asked this, but upon further review, I believe I may have spoke to soon. It actually is possible for the G10 transmitter to communicate with the XD-V75 receiver, but the issue is that the G10 can only operate on RF2. The XD-V75 can operate on RF1 or RF2, so it actually is possible to get them to work with each other. If you want to use them both on the same stage and have them not interfere with each other, you need to follow the steps in the FAQ here:




Q: How does G10 interact with other wireless devices?
A: If you are using G10 in a setup with other 2.4 GHz wireless devices, please make sure to switch on all other wireless devices first, allow them to initialize and set channels, then dock the G10 transmitter into the receiver for at least 15 seconds so the system can select a free channel.


When using several G10 units, please start by docking the first unit in the receiver, wait 15 seconds, undock it and plug it into your instrument. Please make sure that it is on (green LED on the transmitter). Repeat this process with the subsequent units.


Many Line 6 wireless devices can be set to different RF modes. All Line 6 wireless units in a setup need to utilize the same RF mode to avoid problems. Your G10 unit is always set to RF2, so make sure that any other Line 6 wireless devices in your setup are set to RF 2 mode.


G70/75 units use RF3, which can coexist with the G10's RF2, so long as you avoid using the same channel between them. Here's an article that shows how to switch RF modes:




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