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Which Helix amp model to have this kind of sound.


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The SVT and the VT22 are two different amps, BTW.

It's a little confusing.

I don't understand well which is the right amp.

The pedal talk about a SVT and the pedal is for bass and guitar.

I think SVT is a bass amp.


I don't know I've found video about vt22 and Keith Richards.


But I'm interested to recreate the sound in any way.

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FWIW, Brown Sugar was recorded with a Gibson (pickup selector in the middle position) into a dimed Fender Twin (pre blackface).  The gear Keith has used live through the years has often been radically different than what was used to produce the iconic sounds from the recordings that so many people are chasing.

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Cool Stones-ey vibe and tone Paolo :)


Is that amp distortion, or do you have some overdrive stomps in there toonly only amp on rythm guitar

Only amp on rhythm guitar

Other guitars LA comp and KWB in front of the amp

The secret is a mesa boogie 5 band eq as mid boost on 750hz a good amount of boost on all guitars.

Also without the Eq the sound is good but with Eq mid boost is better.

room reverb stereo

Vintage digital delay stereo in parallel to reverb about 130ms feedback =0 (slap back delay)

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This pedal mimics the AMPEG AMP SVT used by Keith Richards.


I discovered that's a Bass amp and not a guitar amp.


Can i use a bass amp model with the guitar?

do you have tried?


If you wanna sound like Keef, then the Ampeg gear list above is an option, but so is a Tele (minus a string and tuned to open G) and a Twin Reverb.


If you want to use the Helix Ampeg Bass model, you could do worse than going for the tone that Elliott Randall came up with for Steely Dan's "Reeling' in the Years".



In an article in Guitar Player magazine (July 2007) Randall was asked what rig he used to record the solo on "Reelin' in the Years". He states, "That was my '63 Fender Stratocaster with a PAF humbucker in the neck position, straight into an Ampeg SVT bass amp. The SVT wouldn't have been my first choice for an amp – or even my fifth choice – but it worked a storm on that recording!"

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EQ is before the amp or after?


EDIT: What's the order of blocks? EQ before everything, after everything, etc?

La comp->kwb-> Mesa EQ ->Ampeg SVT normal-> reverb room stereo in parallel to reverb Vintage digital stereo


oops! I forgot the main Thing! I used a 3Sigma MArshall 4x12" IR Cab instead the stock cab.

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