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Well can you use bluetooth headphones? I think if there was more of a manual, than a 3 page quickstart all these kinds of questions wouldnt be asked.

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As far as I'm aware bluetooth headphones won't work directly with the FH1500.


My experience with BT headphones is that there's too much latency (the gap between you hitting a string and hearing the sound) which makes playing very difficult, this is due to the encoding / decoding required for the BT messages. I use a set of Panasonic wireless headphones which are not top-quality (wired still the best), but work well enough that I don't get too tangled up in flipping wires.


Of course, more modern BT units may perform faster (it's a while since I tried with my old POD XT), but without an external adaptor to the headphone out on the FH1500 I don't think the amp supports it.


Someone from Line6 may want to clarify that. At some point. Maybe.

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