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Request: a G10 for mics and in-ears

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I'm sure the folks at Line 6 are well aware of the success of their G10 wireless system. It's simple and completely lacking in options, but it's cheap and it works as advertised. And it requires zero effort on the part of the user. I would love it if they would keep it going with an XLR version of the G10. Quite literally just replace the 1/4" in an XLR and remove cable tone (or not, since the XLR out doesn't have cable tone anyway). It would be cheap and, for most people, good enough for use on small stages or just at home (for example, sometimes I record videos at home, but I have to run the mics to my computer in another room, which is annoying).


I would also love it if Line 6 would make a set of wireless in-ears. I'm not even talking about making them G10-level of cheap, just anything at all. The cheapest "good" offerings start at $600, which is frankly outrageous for what they actually provide (the technology in there cannot possibly cost them more than $150-200). I can get a set of bluetooth Bose headphones for half that. Line 6 has a history of making good wireless systems for less than the competition, and I would love to see that extended into in-ears so that I might one day be able to afford a system.

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