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Tones Not Working


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Just bought the Amplifi 150. Presets sound ok, looks good in the living room. But I'm already going nuts not being able to use the tones.


Bluetooth connection works from iPad to the Amplifi - since I can use it as a speaker to play videos from the iPad.


But I can't audition tones. I click on a tone, the guitar sounds the same. 


Am I missing something incredibly obvious?


Here's what I do: 


Go to tones. Select a tone. Shouldn't that do it? Shouldn't I hear that tone through the amp? If I click on the little icon, 'Store to Amplii 150' is greyed out, so that's not an option either. 


How can I get this thing to work? I bought it specifically for the tones.


Please help. Myles

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Hi Myles, I've had my 75 for a while now and seem to remember having the same problem. The fix for me was that I hadn't logged to Line 6 through the App. It took a minute or so to fully connect and has been fine since then. It's a pity there isn't a "you haven't signed in" warning, because the app does seem to run without doing so, except the tones don't work. If that doesn't help, raise a support ticket. Good luck, JpW.

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