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How to make a guitar sound like a xlyophone????

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Hey guys,


I'm looking to extend the note duration of my guitar on the pod without using reverb. My end goal is to have the control and timbre/flow. 


Please help me with making my guitar sound something like this. 




-) adding reverb and then using a noisegate to shorten the length.

       + problem I see with this. The flow and extended duration of each single note will then be controlled

by and outside source, thus limiting the duration of notes that I want to ring out. 


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Ah! My mistake, thank you!


And interesting points. I will try out your recommendations. I feel the ebow will be limiting (vibraphone chords and diads are what i like the most). I especially like the electro-harmonics pedal. I just wish they had a patch like this for the pod :(.

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