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Peace Freedom Sanity Serenity

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Blatent self-promotion here.  But I guess if there's any place it should be, this would be the place!  I used either PodFarm or my Spider IV 75 for all the electric guitar tracks (and some of the bass tracks) on my new album!  For an idea what you can do with the Spider and a bass, listen to the the introduction of the song 'The Beast WIthin' - links below.


In need of Peace Freedom Sanity Serenity? You’re in luck, because my new album of 15 original songs is available!

You can purchase Peace Freedom Sanity Serenity at:

Createspace Estore: http://tinyurl.com/mikebirchmusic-peace
Kunaki: http://tinyurl.com/mikebirchmusic-serenity1
CD or downloads at:
Amazon: Amazon.com: Peace Freedom Sanity Serenity: Music
Downloads at:
Mike Birch

Promo video:

All 15 tracks can be heard at Mike Birch Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos (some versions may be low-resolution MP3s) and lyrics for all songs are available there as well.
I'd really appreciate it if you post a review on Amazon - on the whole album or even on a song or two that you like - if you are registered there!

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I've had lots of comments about the intro to the song 'The Beast Within' - this was done with one of the presets that came with the amp, but I don't remember the name now, it's something like "Za-Pa-Pah-Ti", using my Squier J-bass.


Unbelievably (or maybe not), Line 6 no longer has a list of the factory presets here on their web site!  The FAQs tell you to find it in the User Manual, but the list is not and has not ever been there.  The links I found from previous inquiries are broken and a list of presets I found at an outside site were not correct. 

Good job Line 6!!   Just like starting to charge money for tech help for your older 'legacy' products - this is telling the consumer that, basically, Line 6 does not stand behind their (older) products and that any Line 6 products we have now that are replaced with new models will not be supported either at some point.  Does not inspire a lot of confidence in the company.

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That must be the one, forgot to check my amp last night for the listing.

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