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pod hd500x 4 cable method


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After seeing some 4cm tutorials on you tube I get the cable connections. Not entirely sure about top and back switch settings as far as line vs amp or line vs pedals. Also trying to run through a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Duece 2 but I believe it has a parallel effects loop which I hear won't work for the 4cm. Is there a way to get around this?

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If you see this in your rear panel you can definitely use the 4CM (check attached)


Now, regarding the settings (back switch, line/amp, etc...) I use the 4CM in a Marshall Amp, and my settings are:

- FX Loop switch set to "Stomp"

- 1/4 switch set to "AMP"

- Output mode: "STACK PWRAMP"

- In my chain, I have the FX LOOP block after the "MIXER".

- My MIXER, has a little increase of +3.5 DB in both paths, and also, they are panned to center.


When using the FX LOOP a small decrease of volume is normal, you must turn your SEND LEVEL knob to 100%.(In your MESA Duece)


There are a lot of combinations that you can find here in the forums using this method... So it's not written on stone!


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Thanks for responding... yeah after I posted this, I took a second look at the back of the amp and it is a series loop... It's just the send level potentiometer threw me off. I've actually never used the FX loop on the amp before but have been dying to integrate the pod hd. Slow learning curve for me but I appreciate your input a ton. Cheers

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