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POD HD 500 as Effects pedal


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Long time M13 user 4 cable method into Marshall, Mesa, etc.  Sold M13 and was going analog until I found a bargain on HD 500 - not X...   I love my Mesa, Marshall DS/OD tone.  I want to use HD 500 like M13. 


How do I kill Amp/Speaker Sim. I think If I kill amp model.. and set output to Power Amp in and connect it as 4 cable..... but... HD 500 has a FX loop that I don't know how to set.. Is 4 cable method global.. That is if I change bank/patch will my amp speaker sim be still turned off??


I had issue with M13 level when using 4 cable...M13 sends low high level stomp box level signal.  Some amp... (i.e. Marshall) expects line level signal - ala ....rack effects.  Ended uo using Edtech line balance to match the Z.. Wondering if HD 500 has way to send line level..in the  FX loop..



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taken from the HD500 quick start guide:


Effects Loop - provides a stereo (when using a TRS cable) FX Send

and a stereo FX Return. Set the FX LOOP LEVEL switch to LINE to

operate at higher peak-to-peak voltage, making it optimal for line level

devices. The loop can also be used with stomp boxes by setting the FX





regarding the eventual tone suck when using the 4CM, just remember to avoid the "AUTO" setting for the Z (impedance) parameter, and set it instead to 1 MΩ or 3.5, this can be a per patch setting or global, depending on which are the POD system settings


M13 did not have this option..

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I have a Variax Standard..  ny HD 500 maual refers to JTV setting... is it ok to assume JTV setting is same as Standard setting.  It's regarding routing Magnetic signal when using DVI Cable.


Variax Standard was not available when HD 500 was released.. Mine is not HD 500X

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