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Sweetwater Helix Dream Package Deluxe - Includes Guitar and Amps


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Well I would like everything about it for a live rig, but the price is atrocious (In fairness, I don't play live. I am studio only, thus FRFR makes more sense)


The only thing I don't like about it is the guitar.   I have five of my own that cost less all together than the price of that one guitar.  And I can do a whole hell of a lot more with those 5 than you can get out of that single fixed bridge short scale (humbucker only) expensive guitar.


The routing of what goes where with the dist/amp in middle, and the effects stereo wide is a great concept for a wide wall of sound.  I wonder if this can be done relatively easily with the Helix only going in a pc. or ReAmping that way.   Having amp/dist middle, and all wet fx going left and right.  

I might have to amp them first from the helix without wet fx.  Then use separate FX on them either in the DAW, or ReAmp twice.




It's cheaper than a Corvette for a mid-life crisis  :)



Unless you have that system, or one slightly smaller built into the Corvette. Muahahaha :lol:

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Hmm at approximate retail... no discounts... just tag price... individually....


Supro Titan 50 ($1500 x 2) = 3000

Morgan SW50 with 2x12     = 3100

'59 Les Paul Reissue           = 8600

Helix                                    = 1500

and for the extra's               = 500


Well that's roughly $4000 LESS than this "rig" package, and in fact right now a used  '59 LP reissue is available for under $4000 dropping the total down to  $10,000


Still a hunk of change, and if you need support, there is something to be said for Sweetwater customer service especially if you are a touring pro musician...  but still....  you'd think a "package" would be at least a little less than the sum of it's parts, not $4000 more for the convenience.   Maybe I'm missing something..


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