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Spider IV 75 Connectivity

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Is it possible to connect my Spider IV 75 to my computer without using a footswitch unit? If I must use on of them, which is best? FBV2,
FBV Express, MkII,  or FBV Shortboard MkII? I pretty much want to keep the amp's firmware updated and access user presets from online sources. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you. Kirk

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Yes, MkII is what you need.  Don't connect the amp directly to your computer with a Cat5 cable, it will fry some components in the amp.


Whether you choose an Express or Shortboard depends on how you  want to use the amp.  For live use for a lead guitarist, the Shortboard is often the best option, as you can turn on/off certain FX and page up/down through the preset banks.  With the Express, you can switch between 4 presets on the currently-selected bank (which can only be changed at the amp itself) only.

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