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Connection POD HD to Power amp + cab


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Hi there!

I am using a Pod HD500 for live performance and a POD Desktop at home.
They are running through 2 harley benton GPA-400 power amps wich connect to 2 seperate cabs.

My question is, what is the best way to connect the pod to the power amps and what is the best for the settings.


I connect the pod to the HB power amps via the normal left/right outputs. For the stereo effect the power amps are connected to 2 seperate Bugera cabs.


Amp settings in the pod: I am using 2x threadplate pre amps w/412 blackback 30 cabs. Would it make more sence to skip the cabs in the threadplate and only use the actual cab (in this case my bugera cabs)?

Also in the setup of the pod I put the output mode to: Stack power amp. Would this be the best way for this setup?

For me this is the best I can get out of it right now, but I wonder how others are doing this.

Thanks in advance!


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Plug the pods into the amps. Pod output to amp input. There really is no other way that I know of. That is sort of how it has been done for decades. 



Use Studio/Direct. 

You aren't using a "guitar amp", you are using a bland system designed to give you true tone. 

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