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Using Usb Pen-drives And External Hdd

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Hello folks!


We (my band) just recently purchased the M20d and been in love with it! :)

We're going to make our first show using it this Saturday, and we're trying to have everything ready to try to record the set (or at least parts of it).

While I've been able to easily connect an SD Card (and also hooking the board up to a pc with the USB cable), I've been having some trouble trying to connect a USB external hard drive or even pendrives.


For now, I've tried connecting 3 different external HDD, two formated in NTFS and another one in FAT32, neither were recognized by the board. I also tried 2 pendrives, one is 8GB and FAT32 format, it didn't work. The other one is an old one I had here, it's 2GB and FAT format, and it worked perfectly....


What's the secret?? Hehehe... I'd really like to be able to use one of the externl HDD since those would give me much more recording time and would be easier to use with the pc later.


Thanks in advance for your attention!!

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I bought a 64 gig SD card and the m20d would not recognize it, windows wouldn't format it to fat, so I used minitool parttion wiz free and formatted and it worked. my usb flash drives are ntfs and the work good you just have to wiggle them around and the m20d will find them, I have seen on the forum somewhere someone said they have to "shim there's up" to get it working.

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External hard drives must be powered with an external power supply and not from the USB cable. USB thumb drives are very unpredictable and I would suggest you just avoid them. To me the only way to go is Sd card. It doesn't require external power or cables or take up any real estate. It's just simple and nearly invisible.

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Dboomer, I certainly agree with you to stay away from the Pendrives. I too, have been using an SD Card and it works every time. The only small problem I have is that every two hours of recording it gives me notice that my 2hrs is almost up so I have to restart the recording to continue. Is there a way for me to get around that issue?

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