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Variax - different volume levels at clean and distorted tones

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Hi. I have rebuild the tone of my main guitar, which uses a EMG 81, in Workbench and it sounds 95 % right.

At the last rehearsal everything sounded good but there where some feedbacks.


So I decided to proof the levels of my input volume Guitar > POD

In the attached file you can see the differencies which are absolutely minor when playing a distorted amp and peak at bypass and clean-tones. Why are there so great differencies?!


I used the same patches in a mono path.


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also, looking at your graph, I would say that your EMGs surely have a weaker signal than the Variax model you used in your example

Noticeable weaker on cleans but not on distorted tone, what makes me wonder. I would have suggested a overall weakness.


In the next step I will reduce the volume level in Workbench by -5 and take another look at the waveforms.

Usually the first graphs should not have changed very much but the cleans should narrow to each other.

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Hurghanico was righth in his opinion, that the guitar input level makes no big difference on the compressed output of distorted amps.


The result of -5 dB on the models.



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