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expression pedal not working

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H​I Gay! First make sure the pedal calibrated properly- you can do this by powering up with the
"Bank Up" stomp switch held. This puts the unit into a special pedal calibration test mode.
Press the "AMP ON\OFF" stomp switch to reset the calibration. Move the pedal to the heel position.
Move the pedal to the toe position and depress the pedal toe switch.
Move the pedal back to the heel position. When in the heel position now the "7MAPPEDxxx" number
on the LCD should read 0.Move the pedal back to the toe down position (you do not have to depress
the toe switch )the"7MAPPEDxxx" number should read 127.You should also see this number sweep from
0 to 127 as the pedal is moved from heel down to toe down. Turn off the pedal , turn on and check

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Thanks for the post - just picked up a used XT Live and had the same issue.  Wah only went up to 36%.  It's working correctly now - BUT...I can't get the volume pedal to respond / read.  I set the config to both wah / volume on the onboard pedal 1 and tweak pedal 2.  The wah works and when I switch to volume nothing - I have it turned on.  


Any help - thanks!

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