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Recording an album with Helix


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Hey all,


I've finally completed the whole writing and song selection for my new album, and it will be my first time using Helix for proper recording. To those of you already using Helix in a studio setting, any particular tips you'd like to share to capture studio quality tones using the amp sims in Helix? I'll be recording dry takes of everything just in case I feel like reamping later as well as leaving all delay/reverb for the mix stage, but other than that any other suggestions for great tone and easier problem solving in the future?


Thanks ahead for any knowledge shared!

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Hey Dave, Dave and Dave,


Thanks for getting back. I'll be tracking everything 48/24, mostly at home, with some studio interventions along the way, as well as very possibly getting some extra musicians on there, most likely online session players. It should take a while but I'll be happy to share once I'm done, give it a decade or two!

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