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Latency By Switching 'pickups'

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Hi all,


Just a quick question. I have a JTV 89. Is it normal to notice latency by switching pickups in Variax mode?



I mean: for example if I play a solo, quite often I switch between neck and bridge pickups, within one and the same model such as the Spank. So moving the pickup switch selector from 1 to 5 or vice versa.

I do notice quite some lag while doing this, and a drop in sound as well. I do understand that you basically move to a different model on the guitar, so that volume difference probably exist between the different models within one bank. But it would be great if the Variax 'caches' all the models in one bank when you switch to it, so it can switch effortlessly.


is this normal behaviour or is there perhaps something wrong?




I updated to the 2.0 firmware which by the way sounds very nice.






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Its a bummer - because the old variax's had less pops and less PU change latency 



We'll have to compare and see if the Tyler Variax can accomplish this 



In April 2005 Vettaville.nl posted a video with a Whammy like effect using the tone selector switch on the Variax. The demo was performed by Ron Huisen; Product Specialist for Line 6.

There have been several requests to explain how to do this. Here are the patches (tones) for Variax Workbench that you should place in order and upload to your Variax accordingly. Then you're ready to do the trick.
Please note that these are only tones for your Variax and no 'amp' tones. This is something you can choose yourself. The tones will work if you have the Variax Workbench program. Just click the links to view the video and download the tones. Have fun




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