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Master presets and gig setlists


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I play in a cover band and I use 15 different presets for 20 songs. For each song I use a maximum of 4 presets out of these 15 presets.


It would be great being able to:

·         Save 15 different presets as “master presetsâ€

·         Save 20 banks (one for each song I play) each containing 4 presets out of the 15 master presets. This 4 presets are just “pointers†to 4 master presets.


The great and cool thing about this is that when I modify a single master presets all the 20 banks that use that preset are immediately updated!


For example suppose master preset 1 is a crunchy guitar that I use in 10 out of the 20 banks. If I just want to slightly increase its volume I can just update the master preset and all the 10 banks will be updated automatically! What I have to do today is update each bank manually and it is a mess…


Would this be possible?


Thank you!



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Don't think so currently. Banks aren't pointers to presets that exist separately, they contain the actual preset data. Same is true for setlists, they also contain the actual preset data, not, as the name 'setlist' somewhat implies, an ordered list of independently defined actual presets.


Would be nice, but more complex to manage in some senses -- changing a preset would change it everywhere it's used, for better and worse.

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I'm not sure if this will be helpful to you, and it's certainly doesn't apply as generally as you would wish, but the concept of a Master preset is not far off the Helix concept of a Preset with Snapshots. You can have up to 8 variations of a preset using snapshots. You can assign up to 64 different parameters that can change among the 8 snapshots. But all other parameters are fixed within the preset. That means when you change any one of the unassigned parameters in any snapshot the change is immediately and automatically applied to the other snapshots.

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