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HD500x expression pedal


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If you seriously want it in all of your patches, and if you are using your computer with the EDIT software: 

You can create a new patch, and then copy it to all 512 slots. Or, copy it to 64 of them (in one setlist) and then copy the entire setlist 8 times. 


That way every time you open a spot, you will always have the volume pedal there already installed, ready to make the rest of the patch. 




*Please note: this doesn't add volume to existing patches. this will overwrite existing patches. But many of us write our own patches and use the same basic template for every patch - therefore, instead of having a "blank" patch in every spot, we like having our building blocks already installed.

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I have a loosely-related question.  While in the Edit program:  Whenever I add a Volume Pedal FX block I then "unassign" from FS1-4 it so it is always there, and so I don't waste a FS on something I don't ever want to turn off... but after that, when I move the expression pedal, the little * shows up next to the patch, as if I have actually changed the patch.  This happens every time, even after I DO save the patch to the Pod.  But all I did was move the expression pedal.  Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?  I am in my very first of "Podliness" so it is possible I am missing something here.

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