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Can I connect l2t to a l2m?

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I'm an acoustic artist looking to buy a new sound system for live shows, I'm used to have 2 pa speakers behind me spread apart so there's no feedback and I can still hear myself, I was wondering if I can use the l2t with the on board mixer to the left of me and use a l2m to the right of me, that way I can hear myself in both ears

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As Rewolf48 has pointed out, yes.


Get yourself a pair of equal length AES/EBU cables , connect the two L2 speakers "round robin" ie L6Link out from L2t to L6Link In on L2m then L6Link out from L2m back to L6Link In on L2t. Alternatively, get a 2 core multicore AES/EBU cable made up that can take the place of the two separate cables.


With the above cabling, any stereo input source on the L2t will be split to stereo across both speakers. Any mono source will be present in both speakers equally. The L6Link "return" adds the inputs from your second L2 speaker to the mix, and send it's input back to L2 #1


Most effective is a pair of L2t models since you then have a total of 4 mic inputs, 2 line level mic inputs and 2x stereo (phono) inputs but it will work equally well with an L2t and L2m combined, just fewer inputs.

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I'm in a similar position to JSTA...  I should download the manuals and try to digest how this system works.


I do a lot of solo work and sometimes get together with others to do a gig here and there. For the past several years most of my stuff has been pretty much acoustic. Last year I got around to dusting off my studio gear to plug in and do some recording once again. I upgraded my effects units by swapping the rack gear out for an assemblage of really nice analog pedals. I'm loving that. It's time to upgrade the PA system.


I have a trusted 20+ year old 14-channel analog Mackie mixer that still works without a hitch. Gives options for mic's on solo instruments and vocals, and handles an ensemble of 3-6 players/vocalists. For me, I've always enjoyed plugging into a stereo rig and that's my intention here. With either scenario I'll be feeding the PA system with a 2-channel stereo mix 90% of the time .


The efficiency of using one L3t with one L3m, or one L2t with one L2m, works for me. The acoustic anti-feedback feature of the "T" models is important to me. If I feed a stereo mix into the L3t then feed the 2nd channel to a L3m, will both channels pass through the feedback filter and permit me to pass the processed signal of channel-2 out to the L3m, or will that not be possible? If the latter is the case, I'd probably be better off with two L3t's. If I went with two separate L3t's, would it make the most sense to simply run the two output channels from the mixer to the two PA's independently and forget about connecting the two cabinets together?



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Both T and M models have the 12 band feedback suppression built in.


The difference between the 2 models is the sidepanel mixer.


On the T models, you gain a pair of mic/line inputs, each with a 3band EQ with sweep mids and it's own dedicated feedback suppression, one of which has acoustic modelling (for an acoustic guitar)

Each has an combi XLR/TRS input so will accept either a mic cable or jack.

These two channels can be "stereo linked".

Couple a pair together and the two inputs in stereo link mode are split L/R across the pair.

The second, if a T model, will add a further 2 mic inputs, along with the standard back panel connections (1 XLR (line) + an RCA pair).


If you plan to use your outboard mixer then 2x L3M will be sufficient. Connect desk L to one and desk R to the other using ordinary XLR mic cables


BUT, if a fair proportion of your work could be accommodated with 4 mic inputs and 2 stereo AUX inputs, go for the T models, round robin connect with L6Link cables and you can pretty much do away with the rest of the outboard.

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Thanks, SiWatt, that helps a lot.


Right now I'm reworking my system and working on a project that may wind up requiring 6-8 line inputs. It's a half-baked idea that may go no where. Just have to see what it looks like if it functions well enough to implement. There's time left to make any final decisions.

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