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Snapshot Parameters Question


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Am loving Snapshot function. While editing, I can turn a block, or multiple blocks on or off from Snapshot to Snapshot by way of the PC editor. What wont change and save are the parameters of a block on an amp. If I change a parameter using the PC, it sets that parameter across every Snapshot. The manual claims that Snapshot parameters can be changed using the knobs on the control face. Is this true, that it is necessary to make parameter changes using the knobs rather than the PC editor? I hope this question makes sense. I am going to try this after dinner.


FYI I am using Patches on the upper 4 controllers and Snapshots on the lower 4 controllers. Can I just say, the more I use the Helix the more I love it. I am blown away each day with the functionality and the sound of this device.


Thanks all, Blessings-out

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In order for parameter values to change with snapshots, they have to be tied to a controller. That can either be one of the EXP controllers, a footswitch, or a snapshot controller. If you only want to change the parameters with snapshot changes, just use a snapshot controller. To do that on the unit itself, you press and turn the knob for that parameter. Brackets will show up around that parameter then. You can do it with the editor as well. It's just a little more time-consuming. You have to go to the Controller Assign tab while you have the amp block selected (or whatever effect you want), select the parameter you want to control, then select "snapshot" from the controllers pulldown menu. When you go back to home tab, you'll see brackets around that parameter in the editor.

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