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Hi guys!


So here's my story. I bought a used x3l, cranked it up and started playing. It was awesome. Did the "smart thing" about 15 minutes later and backed up everything in Monkey.

Then the downfall....I decided I wanted to make a patch of my own and weirdness started happening.


No matter what I do, there is some sort of constant tremolo/reverb weirdness going on. Everywhere. Doesn't matter what patch, doesn't matter if reverb or delay is turned on, there's no tremolo effect even loaded, it just does it.


I've tried different guitars. Different cables. Different headphones (I haven't tried plugging it into an amp yet...I'm trying to get past the headphones first). I've reset it to factory settings about 3 times now. The only thing I can think of that I haven't done is try to reload the old patches. Which would work great till I tried to make a patch of my own...then back down the rabbit hole.


The "neat" thing is, if I turn the tuner on then there's no strange effect. It's just the normal guitar signal.


Has anyone had this happen before? Or does anyone have any ideas for what to try? I'm about at my wits end and ready to send it back.



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The tuner should bypass all fx so that is normal.


Only thing offhand I can guess at is that you have Tone 2 locked in. There is a little lock icon for it and I think its the 2nd or 3rd knob that will unlock it.


Locking Tone 2 keeps it from changing with the patch changes for Tone 1.


Hope that's it.



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Well, that was a great idea lol. Unfortunately it didn't work :-\


So, I'm back to the drawing board.

I've pretty much ran out of ideas at this point.

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Quick update,

Not sure which button it was that I pushed, but there was something in the input section that was out of whack. So I changed some things around and poof. now it works.


Now on to the next problem!

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