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connecting fx100 to speakers or cabinets


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I've been using the fx100 for practice situation with headphones.


I'm clueless about issues of cabinets/speakers etc, so excuse my ignorance.


If I wanted to put something other than my tube amp to have audio to my amplify, what is best?  my stereo is in another part of the house and so it's not a good option.  would a cabinet work?  or is a PA speaker better?


I'm just looking for practice situations, but not with my headphones.




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A cabinet alone will not work, you would need a power amp to drive the cab, a powered PA / Loud speaker will work.

The FX100 works well with active (active = powered) studio monitors too.

If the budget allows I would recommend a pair, especially if you use stereo effects and/or plan om recording.

If it's going to be more of a studio setting I would go with studio monitors, if you want to take them to different locations I would go with powered PA / Loud speakers.

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I have used my AMPLIFi with a friend's powered Yamaha H5 small studio monitors ($300 for a pair in and the sound blew me away! I could play a small venue with that set up! Also, the stereo effects were killer!and you do not need an adapter as the Yamahas have a 1/4 inch and/or XLR out jack for standard PA's

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