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Relay G75 Scanning needs interface improvements!!!!


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The steps to complete a Channel Scan on the Relay G75 receiver are more complicated than they should be.

In order to not have dropouts in a live show, the channel scanning procedure is something that HAS TO BE DONE at EVERY venue/gig, with more than one TB516G transmitter this is an onerous process. At 50+ shows a year, this is 50+ times to have to quickly do and configure.

Especially since unlike the G55, there is no indicator of wireless interference on the receiver display unless you do a channel scan. 

This is a professional digital wireless system, it should be setup to work that way.
Please correct and improve the menus on the next firmware update to make this task logical and easier to complete.  
The Scan menu selection should be it’s own menu item, not buried and near the top of the list.
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