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Help creating sound patch like the guitar 5 rig 80's solo


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Hi im using guitar rig 5 for a while and i really like the 80's solo preset, sound really good and smooth for leads etc. I tried to emulate that sound with my pod hd 500x with bad results. Need help,advice etc...i get close with the SOLO amp but i  just can say with 50% accurate sound. Really I will appreciate any help.

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That's gonna be difficult for anyone to answer who isn't familiar with that that tone you mentioned emulating a specific amp/cab/mic combination? What fx are there? You can start by choosing amps and fx that are at least theoretically "similar", but modeling is a strange world...there's not much anyone can say except try different combinations until you hit on one that works. The cab and mic models on the POD make a HUGE difference in your tone, often more so than the amp models themselves. I'd start there...

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If you are finger tapping and plucking harmonics you'l want some compression after a noise gate and possibly another noise gate last in the chain.


Often a tight almost flanger sounding chorus and a tube screamer befor or after it.  Try both at about 20% wet.

A tight doubling delay reduced feedback about 80ms more or less depending on BPM.


Reverb at the end but if you make a dual amp path without an amp in one and the reverb on that path.

Another longer delay on the other path.

An para EQ that boost a narrow 4k band with a slight high shelf attenuated down to 2k or less.Hi pass or attenuate the low end to about 120db.

The amp you use is up to you, plenty to choose from. You can set it so as to remove bias hum and excursion quite a bit.


There are other ways to get a tight chorus sound but it is using pitch shifts.


Another EQ after the amps can also help.

This is not a copy of the Grig tone, just an 80s tone


What you get is amp side and a dryer side that aids attack definition and level to taste with the mixer.

Insert another compressor if you need a thinner feel.


Or add another distortion FX but another nosie gate will be needed at the end of the chain and your guitar needs to be well shielded.

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