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Workbench doesn't see JTV-59

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Hi everyone,


Just bought a JTV-59 and wanted to try workbench HD, but the software does not see my guitar.


Running on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.11.4

I installed the monkey, updated everything.

Connected the USB interface to the computer.

Connected guitar via VDI to the USB interface.

Connected 1/4 inch to guitar output.

Interface is both lights solid green.

Guitar volume is at 10.

Modelling is off.

Workbench HD does not see the guitar.


Any ideas to help a workbenchless brother out?





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Battery in the JTV, and the 1/4" cable ought to be a TRS plug.

Leave the other side of the 1/4" open, the idea is to simply engage the battery.

Both LED's on the interface are green, so from a hardware stand point it's good.

Volume and tone to 10, good.

The JTV has Flash v2.21?

Are you running your Mac Book on battery or power adapter into an outlet?

Is Workbech HD already open when you plug everything else in?

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I'm having the same issue but on a new iMac. Also, Line Monkey want's to continuously update. I've run the update at least 5 times and it's still doing it. I just got this guitar yesterday and so far I've had several issues with it. It's brand new. :( Workbench worked fine last night. Now I get nothing. 

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If there is a sag in the USB line during updates and such.

Need to keep the USB 5-Volt line from sagging during updates.

Some batteries run down quick.


The 1/4" jack battery engagement on the JTV helps, but the battery

should be at 4-LED full charge first.

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