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Pod HD500X Reboot Randomly


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I have a small problem with my pod. 
It reboots itself randomly when connected to the PC via USB. 
I use the DAW Reaper to send midi commands to the pod like tap tempo and patch changes. I use the Roland UM-One Mk2 for this.
Doing this with the USB connected from the pod and using it as audio interface makes it reboot randomly.

Using just the midi connection doesn't. Using just the Pod as audio interface no problems. Only happens when the two are connected, only in Reaper and only when playing a project.

It reboots in various projects and sometimes it's happens a few minutes after I start playing and sometimes just doesn't happen or takes quite a while to happen. Also when it reboots itself Windows also crashes because it loses the soundcard it's using and it doesn't like that...

Drivers and firmware are up to date.

Using the Pod asio drivers.

Using Windows 10 but also happened with Windows 7.
Any ideias and workarounds?


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i had the same problem earlier this year and a new usb cable did the trick

I'll give it a try.

I'm using the original cable that came with the Pod. It's the only one I have with the ferrite core...

And I can't recall if I did that test. I guess not.



sounds like a USB related issue..


if you are sure that both your USB cable and PC USB port are perfectly ok, could be the USB port and/or the internal USB chip controller on the POD that needs to be replaced

I suppose it's all ok. Only happens when using both the usb connection and the midi connection, like I said.


Also yesterday I did the test using asio4all and it also cause the pod to reboot.


Can it be that the pod doesn't handle well 2 midi commands being send to it at precisely the same time? But only when also using it as audio interface?

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sending midi commands from 2 different sources at the same time to the same device probably is not a good strategy, I wouldn't do it, however I guess that it is not the cause of the device rebooting..


compared to the POD native asio driver asio4all is a complete lollipop, I wouldn't never use it unless I was desperate with no other better solutions at disposal, but again I guess that it is not the cause of the device rebooting..


as I said before, I still think that the problem could be in one of 3 places: your PC, the USB cable, the POD USB port/chip controller


Well I guess I didn't explain quite right.

I don't send midi CC's from 2 different sources. I usually send tap tempo and patch change commands. Some are sent simultaneously for the tempo of the pod to sync with the tempo in Reaper and for the patch change to happen at beat.

But both midi sends came from Reaper using the UM-One.

And without the pod acting as audio interface it handles quite well the simultaneous midi CC's. Despite the tempo not always fall in line... That's another problem... Even tough the midi tap tempo sends are on beats in Reaper the Pod tempo is always different and sometimes I have 2 or 3 bpm of difference which causes it to go out of sync just after a few bars...

I'll try your suggestion with a different USB cable. Thanks.

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