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Which Apple Airport Express

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They don't specify on that particular item they do on the others however (wifi sticks and the apple USB to ethernet adapter). Which would lead me to believe that there makes no difference on that part... You can use any Wi-Fi router If you want, The airport allows you to play music off of your iPad but I got my iPad today and I can go into a USB stick (My USB stick is the engenious one and I have it plugged into a USB hub with another flash drive with music on it) or into the SD card and played music fine!!!

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I would get the latest model (mid 2012) MC414.

It has simultaneous dual-band, i.e 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz WiFi at the same time.

It has two ethernet ports, one for an internet WAN modem, the other for standard LAN stuff.

It features a WLAN-Bridge mode that i need sometimes.

And it has separate power cable so that i can place the AirPort wherever i want.

The older models have a 'Power Adapter' design and must be plugged in directly.


I do not know if the older models will work. They have an ethernet port, but as i understand that port is for a WAN Internet modem.

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IN ENGLISH (thanks to Google Translate):

I bought an Apple Airport Extreme latest model . The problem is that when I turn it on , the microphone line 6 XD - V75 model will stop the signal , and even the pocket of the guitar "Relay Guitar" does not work and interrupts the signal . I took the Apple Airport Extreme because it works on two frequencies 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz . I set it on the 5.0 Ghz but the problem persists . HELP!



Io ho comprato un Apple Airport Extreme ultimo modello. Il problema è che quando lo accendo, il microfono line 6 modello XD-V75 si interrompe il segnale, ed anche il pocket della chitarra "Relay Guitar" non lavora e si interrompe il segnale. Ho preso l'Apple Airport Extreme perchè lavora su due frequenze 2.4 e 5.0 Ghz. L'ho settato sui 5.0 Ghz ma il problema persiste. AIUTO!

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