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I had a six day turnaround from pickup to getting my repaired unit back in my hands. I have to say that I have not received the level of service and support that I got from line 6 from any company I have ever done business with. They were amazing!





I have had some decent support from various places. Amazon, SweetWater, even Kurt at Rondo Guitars... to name a few.  Though the place that I have received the best level of service and support is with Image Line.


All that said a total turn around of 6 days of getting your repaired unit back in your hands is pretty impressive. Especially compared to the efforts of having my xbox 360 sent off. (several times) Once it took over 2 months to get one back. Although the demand for that product/repair is much much higher than Helix, so I can see how that may affect that. 


It is refreshing, and relieving to read these posts about the great level of service people are getting from Line 6 with their Helix investment.

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