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AES/EBU digital into L6 Link input?

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I think the AES/EBU terminology applies to the cable type, not the signal carried by the cable. So I don't know what you mean by a 'plain, ordinary AES/EBU digital signal'.


The L6 Link connection carries data/signal that conforms to a proprietary Line 6 protocol. Whatever a plain ordinary AES/EBU signal is, devices using L6 Link won't be able to understand it unless it conforms to the protocol.


It's like asking whether a Variax guitar will understand a plain ordinary RJ-45 signal. There's no such thing. An RJ-45 connection/cable carries digital data. What matters is the structure (protocol) imposed on that data by the sending/receiving devices, and their mutual understanding of and conformance to that structure. Normally it is used between computers using the ITP protocol. But Variax guitars don't use that protocol - they use, again, a proprietary Line 6 protocol. The cable merely carries the data which is interpreted by the communicating devices.

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The answer to your question is no. The Line 6 system isn't equipped to process digital data conforming to the standard AES/EBU protocols.

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