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Pod 2.0 controls not working - suggestions?

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Hi all, I'm a pod newbie. Picked up a used 2.0 and all was working great for the first while. Then all of a sudden a bunch of the knobs stopped being operational. Amp model, output level, and Effects knobs all work. Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Channel Volume, Reverb, and Effect Tweak all seem to not be operational. I've tried moving from manual to presets.

I'm wondering if i'm stuck in a setting, and just don't know the unit well enough to get out of it, or if something has gone wrong with the unit. Thanks in advance for any suggestions !


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You can try resetting it if you think its stuck: power on while holding the up and down arrows - hold them until it pops to patch 1-A.


If that doesn't do it, its guessing time. it could be the memory (reflash), failing power supply or something internal that would require service. I have seen "a" pot go bad but not all at once.


You can always submit a Support Ticket (link is below "Support") if nothing else works as the L6 chaps can then help you directly.



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