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Connecting Pod X3 Live to AX 212


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I've been playing with my pre-used AX 212 for a while now and as much as I love the sound I am looking to get a used Pod X3 Live. Now.... If I use only X3L to get the sounds I want, which connection you guys recommend? Connecting X3 to AX212 guitar input or AUX input? Simply, I need to use the AX 212 only as a power amp.


Sound wise, is it better to create a patch as clean, dry and pure as possible and plug the X3L to "guitar input" or can I just plug the X3L to AUX and be sure the AX 212 works solely as a power amp?


This isn't obviously the ideal way of using the X3 Live as I don't get the sound out in stereo, but I need a reasonable solution for the time being before I can afford buying a "real" power amp and cabinet.

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I was also wondering if I don't want to do any mods with the amp is it possible to connect Pod X3 Live with Y-cable with stereo jack into AX2 AUX and mono jacks to X3 Live outputs L and R? Don't I get the sound in stereo then (if the preset includes any stereo fx or dual tone panned, of course) ?

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Hi Tommikoo,


Unfortunately both the AUX and the GUITAR INPUT jacks are mono, not stereo.

The Mod that musicmannetje mentioned, creates an input in the cicuit at the master volume dial right before the final amp so than you have 2 channels (Left + Right) available.


Only one thing I 'm a little worried about is blowing up something in the ax2's circuit, seen the fact the new output and input plugs have no protection against overvoltage from e.g. an un-earthed device that gives the amp a voltage peak as you insert the jack connector. I blew up several amplifier input stages by connecting a PC to a home stereo. (Yes, I know I should have earthed the PC first)

So I personally would mod this mod with some extra resistors, capacitors and rectifier diodes to protect the ax2 against that.


You could also consider connecting the two AX2 speakers to a normal amplifier and skipping the ax2 amplifier head.

It is not a lot of work connecting a simple (domestic) stereo amplifier between your X3 and the AX2 speakers.

There are some small amplifiers on the market that are only amplifiers.


However, if you start to know the AX2 I expect you are going to love all the different amplifier and cab simulations.

So you can create and save a setting that sounds neutral to you. Line6 did a good job back then.


good luck from the netherlands

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Thanks for the heads up, peterjanwilbrink!


I've played with that amp for a long time and there are few quite decent sounds but the X3L beats it by miles imo. 


I just have to create as neutral sound as possible for hooking up the X3L. I don't want to destroy the combo. :) It's a shame I have to stick to MONO signal. I know, a real 1st World Problem. :P

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