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JTV69 / Strat transplant... Nice

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This is my JTV69 to a Strat transplant. I sprayed it Lake Placid Blue with  4 clear lacquer coats on top. It's a  Warmoth Swamp Ash body that I had them leave out the jack route and I routed the body for the end jack plate for the VDI / 1/4 jacks as well as routing for the alternate tuning switch. Then I cut the pickguard alt tuning hole with a electric coping saw, I got the pickguard from Warmoth and ordered it with no control holes so I could drill it for the JTV controls I also routed the back of the body for the PCB Board, I left out the battery compartment as I only use the VDI cable. It has Guitar Fetish lipstick P/U's in it, they sound ok but mostly use the models. AAA Flame Maple Warmoth neck with wizard profile and compound radius. 1 5/8" nut,  abalone dots, 6150 SS Fretwire, Sperzel tuners. Original Floyd Rose that I put Graphtech Ghost Floyd saddles on and milled the plate for the P/U wires. I chipped the finish on the front of the body so I Brad Point drilled it and inserted a blue jewel in the spot, Oh Plays excellent and sounds like a JTV69












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Nice job! I'm going to stick with swapping out the neck. I might order a Warmouth neck today. I'm still going back and forth on a couple of options. Since I have two Strats with maple necks, I'm probably going to do my JTV69 with a mahogany neck, and pau ferro  or kingwood FB.

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