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Is this possible with a POD HD 500x?


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OK so I am just a bedroom player and I am looking to buy a POD 500x but want to first know if this is possible?


So I my current equipment:

No desktop sound tools
Assorted Guitars

Mesa Boogie Single Rec v.2 ---> 4x12 w/v30's

BlackStart HT-20 Head -----> 2x12 w/g12-75T



What I am trying to achieve is a somewhat of a hybrid wet/dry setup. I was watching  Glenn DeLaune on YT and he had a setup he was showing for Metallica Black sound and really liked it. It had effects in front of two different amp models and delay only added to one amp model

                          Delay ---->Treadplate

pre-effects ---->                                     ------->post effects

                          ------------>Solo 100





So question is how can I send the Treadplate to one amp head/cab and the Solo 100 to the other head/cab?


Is this possible?


Here is the YT @ 11:00



hope all this makes sense.






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Yep, what you will need to do tho' is double up your post effects, so that they are after each amp on the split part of the signal, then at the mixer you can pan one hard left and the other one hard right, then put the left 1/4" output into one amp and the the right 1/4" output into the other amp, job done!

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